Purchase Fishing Licence

Once you have either logged on as a registered guest, or you are continuing as a guest, you will be able to create your fishing licence.

If you are unsure of the licence class you are eligible for, please refer to the Residency and Fishing Class Descriptions.

To purchase a licence you can go to 'My Account' and then click on the 'Purchase Fishing Licence' link, as shown below:

Purchase FL - My Account

You can also go to 'Fishing Licence' and then click on the 'Purchase Fishing Licence' link, as shown below:

Purchase FL

The system will then provide the following options to Purchase your Fishing Licence:

Purchase FL


The system will display the current season by default.  You will also be able to create a Fishing Licence three months in advance of the next season.  For example, on December 31, 2014, you will be able to select the season for 2015.

Fishing Licence Class Selection

Based on your address information (residency) and age, the system will display the Fishing Licence Classes in which you are eligible for.  Please select the appropriate class.

Special Management Area Selection

If you intend to fish in a Special Management Area (please refer to the regulations), you can additional select a Special Management Area.

Visiting a Fishing Lodge?

If you are visiting a Fishing Lodge, please select the appropriate lodge from the provided list.  This is not a required field.

Add to Cart

Please add you Fishing Licence to the cart in order to continue. 

Please note - if there is no charge for your licence, you will still be required to add the item to your cart and process the shopping cart, but you will not be required to provide payment.